20 YEARS AGO: The Divine Comedy - National Express

Both celebrating and taking the piss out of British society, this 1999 hit was released as the third single from The Divine Comedy's 6th album 'Fin de Si├Ęcle', reaching number eight on the UK Singles Chart. The naggingly catchy, almost Broadway-like song is based on Neil Hannon's observations of life from the window of a National Express coach.

"'National Express', even though it was a bit of a silly song, is pure observation, nothing made up – I'm on this bus, this is what I see. 'The family man/manhandling the pram/with paternal pride' is me having a dig at my brother for having a kid and being Nineties Man, you know, and he's not exactly working class."

The single also features a cover of Kraftwerk's 'Radioactivity' on the b side.

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