CLASSIC ALBUMS: Blur - '13' Revisited 20 years on

It's almost impossible to believe it, but Blur's sixth album '13' was released exactly 20 years ago today, on 15 March 1999.

The late 90's were a very interesting period in Blur's career. Their self titled 1997 debut saw a raw reinvention and a complete step away from the Britpop scene, replacing the lively English pop with a darker, rougher-edged, more inventive approach to making music. Despite alienating some of their casual fanbase, the 'Blur' album saw them regain a lot of critical respect and also helped the band become better known worldwide. By the late 90s, the Britpop party was officially over, but Blur's reinvention had kept them in the premier league of the UK's biggest names in music.

Wondering what direction the next Blur album was going to take was something that brought up many possibilities. Would they decide the experimenting was out of their system and return to writing catchy pop anthems again? After 'Song 2''s succ…

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