PLAYLIST: The Best Of 2019

I will always remember 2019 as the most up and down year of my life. A massive relationship breakdown and a traumatic experience at a gig cast a shadow over the year. But luckily, as well as producing some fine music, 2019 was also the year that RW/FF spawned an independent record label of its own, releasing two acclaimed albums by the legendary Babybird. It's taken a long time for quality to return to that of the glorious 90s, but this was the year that saw "alternative" music re-emerge from a long transitional phase. This Spotify playlist features a few of those song as well as the other best tracks from the year, compiled into an epic compilation for your listening pleasure.

If you enjoy any of the songs featured here, we encourage you to support the artists by purchasing their music from your local record shop, or through online retailers.

You can stream the whole thing via Spotify below . I also recently contributed to XS Noize's Albums Of The Year list, which can be found HERE.

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