Track Of The Day: Underworld - Another Silent Way

Relentless, thumping techno from the legendary Underworld. The hi energy, acid-infused track is a brand new release, part of their newly announced 'Drift' series. Rather than making another album or EP, the duo have launched "an epic year-long road trip in collaboration with friends old and new, from playwrights to DJs in jazz and techno to painters and poets..." One hopes that the products of this series will eventually find a release at some point in physical album form.

It's an ongoing experiment that will regularly publish new Underworld material – music, film, stories, etc – via The first release of Drift Episode 1 sees 'Another Silent Way' soundtracking a film made in collaboration with the UK drift racing community and Tomato, shot entirely at the Rockingham Speedway in Corby in summer 2018.
Further elements of Drift Episode1 will be released weekly every Thursday.


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