Track Of The Day: The Prodigy - We Live Forever

The Prodigy released their new album No Tourists on Friday. 

There are occasional hints of 1994's 'Music For The Jilted Generation' alongside the slamming electronics, which is certainly true of the astonishing 'We Live Forever', where the 'No Tourists' bus takes a joyride through old school rave territory. Delivering hyperactive beats, sped-up rap samples, rock drums and vocoder, it heightens the totally hectic state of alarm. 

It's far too early to put it up there with the first three albums, and time will tell whether it still stands up in years to come, but 'No Tourists' is a welcome blast of high octane fury that underlines the band's status as dance music royalty. More memorable than 'Outgunned', more substantial than 'Invaders', sharper and containing less filler than 'Enemy', it's a pleasure and a thrill to have The Prodigy firing on all cylinders again. Read the full review HERE.


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