Track Of The Day: Drenge - Bonfire Of The City Boys

Mark E Smith may have departed from this earth earlier this year, yet the new offering from Drenge has the imprint of The Fall all over its dangerous sound. 'Bonfire Of The City Boys' comes from their upcoming album 'Strange Creatures',which is out in February 2019. 

The band said: "It comes after months of chiselling away, ripping themes and ideas apart, sewing them back together, stepping away and coming back with fresh ears. Sometimes, a song appears fully formed and ready to go, and sometimes, a song just needs time to ferment. Fine tuning small details, nipping between songs, picking out small things and accentuating them until they take over or become something else entirely."

“The result is the most considered record we have ever made. It’s a nocturnal record. A psychological horror movie on wax. Warped hallucinations from mundane observations as you move through it. Is that a school or a skyscraper on fire in the distance? Or maybe it’s just the ski village? You drive nearer, past roadside diners jammed with dancing teenagers, through Uncanny Valley, past the most unhygienic nightclub in the world. The stereo sounds like its going to fall apart at any moment. The car judders to a halt and all you can hear is the sound of the sea.”


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