Track Of The Day: Suede - Wastelands

Taken from the London band's superb new album The Blue Hour, Suede's grandest, most epic record yet.

'Wastelands' boasts a magnificent chorus, enticing chord changes, and a familiar swagger toughening up its emotion, all coming together to deliver another big "me and you in this together" Suede anthem.

The video is directed by Giles Campbell Longley and executive produced by Mike Christie, who also made the video for previous single Life Is Golden, as well as the upcoming Sky Arts documentary, Suede: The Insatiable Ones (aired on November 24). The video features 17-year-old parkour athlete Robbie Griffith. Griffith had a viral hit in 2017 when his Trainspotting inspired video ‘Choose Parkour’ received significant media attention, gaining over half a million YouTube views in just over a day.

Speaking about the inspiration for the video, Mike Christie explains:

“When we were talking through ideas, the band brilliantly recalled the finale of the movie 400 Blows as a reference and it rapidly conjured a mood and an idea. This promo is the Suede world response to that: A grim unseen threat in the deserted streets, a desperate flight into the wastelands, and the ultimate discovery of a joyous and unexpected playground offering a surprising yet somehow fitting escape.”


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