Track Of The Day: The Lucid Dream - No Sunlight Dub

Released last month in October, The Lucid Dream's fourth album 'Actualisation' is an incredible piece of work. Closing track 'No Sunlight Dub' goes very much where its title suggests, a heavy reggae rhythm guiding a glowing melody throughout psychedelic avenues along with a fine melodica. Attacking with an hugely unexpected change of pace, it enters a biting, driving rhythm before drum n bass beats are paired with rowdy big beat as it truly goes off on one. After it crashes and settles back into its laid back dub zone, it leads The Lucid Dream's finest record yet to a magnificent close.

The amount of different styles here is astonishing, and the way Mark Emmerson's band mix them all together is uniquely fascinating. Rebuilding their sound around the essence of their previous output, their resilience, defiance, reinvention and momentum have produced one of 2018's greatest records. 

Read the full album review HERE.


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