Track Of The Day: Lucia - Cheap Talk

Having recently been on tour with Estrons, the brilliant Lucia Fairfall and her band have recently released an excellent four track EP entitled 'Cheap Talk'. I was one of the lucky people at The Louisiana in when both bands rewarded the Bristol crowd with an awesome evening. I wrote a review of the gig, and was so impressed with Lucia that I had to investigate the EP. Very glad I did. And you'll be glad you did too if you appreciate exciting, vibrant alt-rock bands.

"With a sound occasionally recalling the likes of Pixies and Belly, there are hints of Lush, as well as spells of melody that reach for Phil Spector-like heights. The title track from their new EP 'Cheap Talk' is an awesome brew of new wave flavours, with a big chorus and a bright zing, while the blissful, bittersweet indie pop gem 'Summertime' has a sugary charm... Best of all is the instantly rousing 'What Am I', a grungy glam rock steamroller that catches the ear with its intensity and angst." Read the full gig review HERE.

Find Lucia on Twitter @LuciaMusicX


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