ALBUM: The Offspring - Americana (1998)

Exactly 20 years ago today on 16 November 1998, The Offspring released their fifth studio album 'Americana' in the UK. Remembered most for its novelty hits 'Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)' and 'Why Don't You Get A Job', the LP also features a number of genuinely brilliant punk rock tracks. 

Personal favourites are the storming opener 'Have You Ever', along with 'Staring At The Sun', 'Walla Walla', 'No Brakes', epic hard rocking closer 'Pay The Man', and the furious title track. Out of the four singles released from the album, the infectious calypso of 'Why Don't You Get A Job' is the one that still sounds the best, and makes for a great singalong. It's actually a very enjoyable album, with some more fun and diverse tracks to break up the supercharged punk that makes up most of the record. 

You can listen to the album in full below via YouTube. If you appreciate the music, we encourage you to support the artists by buying their music digitally or physically online or from your local record shop.

Americana was a major success, debuting at number six on the American Billboard 200. It is the band's second best selling album, their biggest being their 1994 breakthrough 'Smash'. Americana has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. 

The band's most recent album was 2012's 'Days Go By'. The Offspring have been busy recording their tenth LP, with guitarist Noodles revealing "We have a whole record or more worth of stuff here, I think we're looking at making two records out of it... coming out with a pretty straightforward punk and rock record that sounds like us, and then maybe saving some of the crazier stuff for another record." After announcing an album will be released in 2019, he also admitted "We don't have a record deal right now and we're trying to work something out. We don't know what we're going to do with that."


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