Track Of The Day: Blossoms - 'Texia'

Stockport-based five piece Blossoms recently scored a UK number 1 with their excellent self-titled debut album. One of the finest debuts in years, it's a wonderful piece of work, powered by perfect pop hooks, and packed full of brilliantly written songs which put melody first and effortlessly catch the ear. Some have described it as "ABBA meets the Arctic Monkeys", but after spending some quality time with this record, I can identify a whole range of diverse influences that are blended in a way that deserves major kudos.

One critic described their sound as "glossy pop so clean you could eat your Sunday lunch off it" as if it was by rule, the wrong thing for an indie guitar band to be dealing in, while also commenting that "I’m never convinced of who they really are", like having more than one style is a bad thing. Yet if this was an obscure band on a small indie label, no doubt their opinion would be completely different. I find it extremely odd and contradictive that certain people can praise mainstream pop stars for their simple, bright melodies, and then dismiss indie guitar bands for doing the same thing. 

The dazzling, mirrorball-lit beauty of the yearning 'Texia' is another one of the LP's many highlights, and another potential single.