REWIND: Blackstreet ft. Dr Dre - 'No Diggity' (ft. Dr. Dre)

Time once again to rewind back exactly 20 years ago for more of the wonderful music that entered the charts this week in 1996. If you weren't around or were too young to remember the mid 90s, consider this a lesson of enlightenment. If you (like me) were lucky enough to experience it all first time around, then these posts make a fine nostalgic blast from the blast. 

The Top 10 in the UK singles chart from 20 years ago this week (13 October 1996 - 19 October 1996) features a few great songs (B.B.E, Babybird, The Chemical Brothers) as well as some awful ones (Mark Morrison, Boyzone's atrocious Bee Gee's cover 'Words'). See the full chart rundown from that week HERE. By far the best new entry in the Top 10 was this Bill Withers-sampling RnB/hip hop classic from Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre.

Blackstreet were a vocal group formed by singer/songwriter/producer Teddy Riley. The group's original line-up consisted of Riley, Chauncey Hannibal, Levi Little, and Joseph Stonestreet. Featuring N.W.A legend and rap icon Dr. Dre, as well as Queen Pen, 'No Diggity' went to number 9 in the UK singles charts and was taken from the album 'Another Level'. After various line-up changes over the years, Blackstreet now tour with a revised line-up.