The Vault: Saint Etienne - 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' (A Mix of Two Halves)

Time for another edition of a brand new feature. While Track Of The Day brings you new music and Rewind takes you back 20 years, The Vault deals in amazing songs from random points in musical history. RW/FF will keep these posts short and sweet, with only a small bit of basic info. All you have to do is press play and enjoy.

Even after hearing Neil Young's original version, I still wasn't aware that it was the same song covered by indie-pop trio Saint Etienne on their debut album 'Foxbase Alpha'. This superb single went to number 39 in the UK singles chart in 1991, and features the vocals of guest vocalist Moira Lambert. The legendary Andrew Weatherall remixed this brilliant bass-heavy "A Mix of Two Halves" version of the song.