Track Of The Day: Jamie T - 'Zombie'

Up until recently, I've known absolutely nothing about the singer-songwriter who calls himself Jamie T, other than the fact that he caused quite a stir a few years back, and has taken ages to release his new album, His third LP 'Carry On The Grudge' will be released on September 29 (already a VERY busy day for album releases), and follows five years after his previous full length 'Kings And Queens'. A press release reads: "The likes of Zombie recall the urgency of Jamie's past records but it's balanced with the likes of They Told Me It Rained and Mary Lee. The old influences of punk, folk and reggae are all still here, but reshaped into something new whilst still defiantly the work of Jamie T." I'll make my own mind up about that when and if I have time to listen to the record, but one thing I do know for sure is that 'Zombie' is an addictive indie punk rock n roll cracker that's difficult to get out of your head once it finds its way in there.