LISTEN: RW/FF Radio Specials - Mansun

Due to RW/FF having to adjust to completely new routines over the last few weeks, the weekly editions of RW/FF Radio have only just been uploaded online. 

So there's a lot to catch up with here, as the three latest shows are now available to listen to HERE. The show from Monday Sep 8 was preceded by the latest of the RW/FF Radio Specials, which on this occasion was dedicated to the legendary yet underrated 90s outfit Mansun, without a doubt one of the most interesting and unusual groups to grow from the Britpop era. While Oasis sang about being a rock n roll star, and Blur were observing British culture, this four piece from Chester were collaborating with Doctor Who's Tom Baker, sampling 'Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy' and writing songs about cross dressing clergymen... This special looks back at their career and their legacy. 

Many articles I've written about Mansun can all be found HERE, including an exclusive interview with Paul Draper, which can be found HERE.

Ben Scott hosts RW/FF Radio every Monday night 7-8pm on Melksham Town Sound. As well as the most essential new releases, you'll hear lost treasures and classics from the past. Expect everything from indie, shoegaze, electronica, krautrock, psychedelica, funk, soul, reggae, punk, alternative, rock and much more. It's followed by Dance Class With Jason B at 8pm, a show which can be listened to HERE.

For more info on RW/FF Radio, the RW/FF Specials and Melksham Town Sound, go HERE.


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