Track Of The Day: Aphex Twin - 'minipops 67 [120.2] (source field mix)'

This excellent track is the opener from Aphex Twin's first album in 13 years, and as you'd expect, the word "bizarre" springs to mind. 'minipops 67 [120.2] (source field mix)' is notable for the lack of capital letters in its title, as are all the other tracks on 'Syro'. The previous Aphex Twin album, 'Drukqs, came out in 2001, but Richard D James has still been making and releasing music since. In 2005, he put out 11 EPs as part of his Analord series. And it's no secret that a couple of 2007 releases by an artist named the Tuss, on James' own Rephlex label, were in fact his work. Earlier this year, Aphex Twin's "lost" Caustic Window album finally saw the light of day after fans poured their money into a crowd-funding campaign. After realising that his music meant so much to people, James was inspired to release 'Syro', a collection of songs that he has been working on over a number of years. It went to number 8 in the UK album charts a few days ago. A full review of this extraordinary new LP can be found HERE at God Is In The TV.