REWIND: Suede - 'Can't Get Enough'

On Sunday morning (September 7) I woke up with an irresistible urge to listen to Suede's 1999 album 'Head Music', a CD I used to listen to excessively when it was released during my teen years. Thanks to recently having broadband installed and buying a laptop, waking up on Sundays and sticking an album on whilst tweeting my thoughts as I listen is now something I'm going to try and do every Sunday. It will be known as The Sunday Rewind, and every weekend I will pick a different album from the past and invite RW/FF readers to listen along with me and get involved in the debate. The Twitter page is at

A few of my thoughts on 'Head Music':

"She's In Fashion brings back so many great memories, but I've realised in terms of songwriting, its atrocious by Suede's standards. when I used to play this CD 15 yrs ago as a teenager, I used to skip Asbestos. Now it sounds like one of the best tracks... Hi-Fi is on now. i used to skip this one and it was never one of my favourites, but listening to it now knocks me out, really different to their usual stuff. Reminds me of Mansun a little bit, which of course isnt a bad thing. and Indian Strings has just started, this is another one that's grown on me over time. the arrangement is stunning... Elephant Man wins the award for 'song with best verse and worst chorus'... a brave attempt at trying to be The Fall. with its seedy electro flavour, 'Hi-Fi' was another one I never used to like much, but now is an album highlight. title track has an excellent messy sound, but certainly not one of their strongest songs lyrically or musically..."

"The downbeat resignation of 'He's Gone' is beautiful, one of the band's most heartbreaking moments. So underrated. the closing 'Crack In The Union Jack' still a pointless addition, totally uninspired and lacking. Shit then, shit now... When i used to listen to HM as a teenager, why didn't I notice that a lot of the lyrics on this album are atrocious? highlights - Everything Will Flow, Can't Get Enough, Asbestos, Hi-Fi, Indian Strings, Hes Gone. Rating: 7/10"
From it, here is the superb 'Can't Get Enough', a single that got to number 23 in the UK charts when it was released in November 1999.


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