Sunday, 21 September 2014

REVIEW: Jupiter Lion - 'Brighter' (BCore Disc Records)

The excellent Valencia-based trio Jupiter Lion first captured RW/FF's ears early in 2013 after the release of their impressive self titled debut album. 'Brighter' is their second full length effort, and takes their Krautrock-infused sound to new heights and further dimensions.

Kicking things off with banging drums, forcefully potent bass and a very rare vocal hook, the opening title track falls somewhere between the worlds of Krautrock and post-punk, and on the excellent 'Your God Is Human', squealing synths ride on propulsive rhythms until developing into an explosion of tumbling basslines and chattering synths. After the scenic 'Delpasse Effect' flows into trippier places with its slow burning ambient beauty and atmospheric textures, the astonishing 'Doppelgänger' thrives with pulsating momentum, pushing its foot firmly down on the pedal before cruising blissfully towards the end.

The harmonious, kinetic euphoria of the relatively brief 'Walking In Circles' precedes the ascendency of 'The Golden Emperor', where elevating analogue electronic patterns and effectively repetitive elements blend wonderfully, with the following bright beam of light 'Ashes' acting as a nice segue into the epic closer 'Lost Cannibal'. Frantic time signatures, glitchy bursts of keys and manic cut-up vocal samples make way for brutal machine gun rhythms, menacing notes and vocals that burn with a darkly hallucinogenic power, before pitch black atmospheres enter the picture, and the song's progression continues as it grows into something that by the end is indeed 'Brighter'.

If driving rhythms, relentless bass, nagging synths and beautifully elevating melodies are your tonic, then this cosmic helping of Spanish post-psychedelic krautrock is something you will need to hear. Pushing into new galaxies and leaving an awe-inspiring trail of light, 'Brighter' is a ball of momentum that flies with powerful trajectory. 8.2/10

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