The Vault: Shuttleworth ft. Mark E. Smith - England's Heartbeat

England play in the World Cup last 16 later on this evening. So what better way to mark the occasion than with a football anthem from one of England's true great's, the late Fall legend Mark E. Smith. He recorded this song eight years ago back in 2010 with a duo consisting of Ed Blaney and Jenny Shuttleworth. Incredibly this was very nearly the FA's official England record.

The FA originally approached Mark E Smith's publishers to come up with something for the World Cup, along with four other contenders. But before the FA had heard any of the entries, it decided not to do an official record that year. So Smith decided to release it anyway. Like most of his work, 'England's Heartbeat' is a lot deeper than it appears on the surface and takes a few minutes of listening before it sinks in. The video is brilliantly low budget too. What could be more British than Mark E. Smith hanging around in a park?