Rewind: Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta

A rampaging lo fi singalong, with an irresistibly catchy chorus. Reaching number 57 in the UK singles chart 20 years ago in July 1998, this track was a favourite of mine way before everybody knew it as the theme tune from 'Peep Show'. I used to play that CD single a lot during the summer of '98 on car journeys, and no doubt it also featured on one of my compilation tapes of then-current indie tracks. Since this song became a favourite of mine back in the day, I never heard from Harvey Danger again and never knew what became of them until doing a quick bit of research for this article. I never forgot abut this song though, and when it became more popular years later after being used as the 'Peep Show' theme tune, it felt good when people suddenly discovered the brilliance of something I'd known about for years. As for the Washington-based band, they released two albums before going on hiatus in 2001. They returned in 2015 with a third LP, but split again in 2009.