LISTEN: The RW/FF Compilation Volume 21: The Sound Of Summer

A summer special of the RW/FF Compilation, the perfect soundtrack for long sunny days. Struggling to hear good new music? In need of some fresh sounds? I believe in 2014 is the best time for new music we have had in years, but thanks to the people in control of the mainstream, not many people are hearing the good stuff. The regular RW/FF Compilation is here to help. It showcases the music that has featured on the site over the last few weeks. 

Just imagine if the 'Now!' albums featured the best recent music instead of lowest-common-denominator shite... they would sound like this! I don't have regular dates set for each of these mixtape-type things, instead I just wait until I have an 80 minute CD's worth of great new music to make up each compilation. Contrary to what some people think, there is plenty of excellent new music out there, as is proved by every one of these brilliant mixes.

First Aid Kit - 'My Silver Lining'
Spies - 'Moosehead'
Tape Waves - 'Looking At The Sun'
Stephen Jones - 'A Beautiful War'
Goat - 'Hide From The Sun'
Tony Allen ft. Damon Albarn - 'Go Back'
James - 'Curse Curse'
Night Sports - 'Youthquake'
Lee Coombs and Kostas G - 'Phunked!'
Epic45 - 'Weathering' (Bracken remix)
Echaskech - 'Sovereign System'
Manic Street Preachers - 'Between The Clock And The Bed'
False-Heads - 'Fall Around'
THE PHANTOM BAND - (Invisible) Friends
Gang Of Youths - 'Poison Drum'
Mat Motte And The People Who Hate Him - 'Summer Song'
Negative Lovers - Hit And Run
Hell Death Fury - 'Marijuana'


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