Friday, 10 August 2012

VIDEO: Blur - Plymouth Pavilions 07/08/2012

Videos from Blur's phenomenal gig at Plymouth Pavilions the other night. If you weren't there, you missed out big time! If you were lucky enough to be able to go, then these videos will keep those memories even clearer in your minds. 

Go HERE to see my review of the gig, and you can see many photos from the night HERE
This clip from YouTube user Gon2bed features the first three tracks 'Girls And Boys', 'London Loves', 'Tracey Jacks' and 'Jubilee' as well as 'Beetlebum' and 'Coffee And TV'...

'Out Of Time' and 'Young And Lovely' filmed by Edhipkiss

'Trimm Trabb'. In three parts. First two parts filmed by myself, the third by YouTube user Emma Harry.

The first of two clips filmed by YouTube's JonNeighbour. This one features 'Girls And Boys', 'Parklife', 'Sunday Sunday' and 'Song 2'. 

'Country House' by Trampy147

'Bugman' filmed by Edhipkiss

'The Puritan' filmed by Jenny Hung

'Popscene' filmed by jamiethelucid

'This Is A Low' filmed by Jamiethelucid

'Sing' and 'Under The Westway' filmed by Jennyhung

'Intermission' filmed by Jenny Hung

'End Of A Century' filmed by Jenny Hung

The second clip from JonNeighbour has 'Tender' and 'The Universal'... 

YouTube user Viumanent posted this video of the crowd singing along to 'Tender' after it had finished, with the band improvising over the top.

Blur meeting the fans outside the venue...

Here's the various clips I filmed that night. Tried to film all of 'Trimm Trabb' only for the camera battery to run out just when the amazing thrashy bit at the end comes! For the full version of that, see the three part 'Trimm Trabb' video I have featured above...

More clips uploaded by YouTube users...

'Young And Lovely' filmed by albarnunofficial

'Out Of Time' filmed by amybennett.

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