Track Of The Day: The Living End - Otherside

From Australian punk trio The Living End's eighth album Wunderbar. The standout 'Otherside' is another glorious moment that revels in the sound of the open road, melodically not unlike a collision between The Buggles' 'Video Killed The Radio Star' and Marc Cohn's 'Walking In Memphis', along with hints of that other drivetime rock staple 'Boys Of Summer'. 

From a personal point of view, one of music's great mysteries is why The Living End have never become that well-known over here in the UK. After hearing them two decades ago, I have been a fan and champion of their music ever since. Another mystery is how this band keep on delivering the goods over 20 years after their debut. Every time I hear of a new Living End album being released, I always think that it couldn't beat the previous ones and that this group surely have to run out of steam at some point. But they never have. And that quality is continued on the diverse 'Wunderbar'. Read the full album review HERE.