ALBUM: The KVB - Only Now Forever (2018)

Does psychedelic synthpop sound appealing to you? If so then try out 'Only Now Forever', the new album from The KVB, which is released today on the brilliant Invada Records.

Described as "darkwave" by some, and "psychedelic electronica" by others, to these ears, the London duo's music brings together the influences of Joy Division, OMD, the Jesus And Mary Chain, Neu! and the vast majority of the Mute Records back catalogue in a lysergic, dreamlike brew of shoegaze, Krautrock and techno pop. 

The London duo's new LP features the propulsive 'Above Us', and the introspective, melodic beauty 'On My Skin', while the shimmering euphoric surge of 'Into Life' is a wonder to behold. The gorgeous, otherworldly 'Violet Noon' ventures down calming, ethereal avenues, glowing with a sad beauty as it slows down the pace. Its blissful, aeronautical properties are complimented wonderfully by its misty chords, demonstrating how the duo's sound is developing from the earlier material which focuses less on melody and more on mood and sound. Elsewhere, there's the excellent, menacing 'Afterglow'. It's one of the albums of the year, and you'd be a fool not to check it out.

Listen to the album in full below via Bandcamp. If you appreciate the music, we encourage you to support the artists by buying their music digitally or physically online or from your local record shop.


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