Saturday, 7 June 2014

Track Of The Day: Menswe@r - 'Crash'

Considering how fresh and successful many of them were in the 90s, it's sometimes a bit sad to see Britpop groups reforming to play the old hits so they can pay the bills. Even sadder when one of them comes back minus a few original members. Putting out rerecorded versions of your old songs is also an alarming sign that the glory days have long gone. So presumably 'Crash', the new Menswe@r single in 15 years should be getting a terrible review, since it's a rerecording of one of their old b sides played by a group of musicians with frontman Johnny Dean as the only original Menswe@r member. Wrong. It's superb, and surpasses the initial 1996 version with stronger production and a far more satisfying arrangement... Originally recorded as a demo and released as one of the b-sides of ‘We Love You’ back in 1996, ‘Crash’ was singer Johnny Dean’s favourite Menswear song and has now been reworked and re-recorded by Johnny with the new Menswear line up. A cheeky brave, more bombastic reworking of the orginal that shows there’s plenty of life in Menswe@r yet! Apparently it’s a transitionary release ‘a final recorded kiss to the past before moving on to…well, watch this space.’ 

God Is In The TV recently interviewed Johnny, and you can read that feature HERE.