Sunday, 22 June 2014

REWIND: Trinity - 'Kingston Two Rock'

A superb track which I first heard on 'Joe Gibbs Productions', a compilation collecting together 'Roots, Culture And Dub' treasures from the reggae producer Joe Gibbs. Trinity was a Jamaican deejay, the brother of Clint Eastwood, (the other Jamaican DJ, not the American film star). After working as a deejay on several Kingston sound systems, he made his debut recordings in 1976, followed by the album 'Shanty Town Determination' that same year. The deejay was in great demand in 1977, recording more than 20 singles for a variety of producers. Recorded with the legendary Gibbs, the song 'Three Piece Suit' was his biggest hit, featuring Trinity toasting over Alton Ellis's 'I'm Still In Love With You' rhythm. The song prompted an answer record from Althea And Donna, 'Uptown Top Ranking', which using the same rhythm, became a UK number one single. An album called 'Three Piece Suite' was also released, which also featured the superb, heavy dub monster 'Kingston Two Rock.' In the later 1970s, Trinity began producing and launched his own Flag Man label. The 80s saw his fortunes fade somewhat , and after subsequent albums met with diminishing commercial success, Trinity switched from deejaying to singing, performing under the name Junior Brammer and releasing two LPs under that alias. In recent years, Trinity has switched to a variety of different reggae styles, his most recent album being 'Eye To Eye' from 2013.

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