Sunday, 25 May 2014

Track Of The Day: Plaid - 'Tether'

In what is proving to be an enjoyably fruitful time for left field electronic music, Plaid returned earlier this week (May 19) with their tenth album 'Reachy Prints'. It marks a decade since the London-based duo consisting of Andy Turner and Ed Handley signed to Warp Records, and 20 years since the two men have been making music together. The roboid techno and shadowy vibes of 'Tether' provide another major highlight, gradually building its way into an acidy delight. The duo have collaborated with jonobr1 (creator of to create a web application that "visually interprets the sonic intricacies of the track." In the app, ‘Tether’ is accompanied by a series of graphic shapes that gradually evolve as the music progresses; you can manipulate what you hear by clicking and dragging your mouse - or, if watching on your smartphone or tablet, by touching the screen. In other words, you can use the software to remix and reshape the song. It's available to download at

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