Sunday, 18 May 2014

Track Of The Day: Dan Lyth And The Euphrates - 'Four Creatures'

In an age when pretty much anyone can make an album in their bedroom, Dan Lyth takes a different and most refreshing approach, exploring the far-reaching possibilities of field recording. Lyrically picking up on topics such as technology and human interaction, the eight tracks on the reflective 'Benthic Lines' seem to fit together as a place-to-place journey, appropriate for an album recorded entirely outdoors in various locations, from Lyth’s native Scotland to Morocco, Australia, Turkey and Uganda. The standout ‘Four Creatures’ darkly appealing mood is enhanced by its imaginative arrangements, Lyth even turning it to industrial territory towards the end and finishing with a terrific bit of brass. 

There are examples of songs being taken to different places when they are, quite literally, taken to different places. The natural acoustics of each recording location add character and atmosphere to the music, and 'Benthic Lines' certainly sounds less restricted as a result. And the music is only part of the package: Benthic Lines comes in a 60 page hardback book featuring photos from the various recording locations and a short story from Fife-based writer Craig Rennie, making this something of an artifact. It’s an often beautifully textured record that immerses the listener in the destinations where the music was created, an intriguing journey of sorts. Read the full review of the album that I wrote for the Monolith Cocktail HERE. The LP can be listened to in full by going to the Armellodie Records SoundCloud page HERE.

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