Saturday, 31 May 2014

REWIND: Count Five - 'People Hear What I Say'

For their time, Californian garage types Count Five had quite a heavy sound. I didn't know about them until recently, when I discovered that a song I had heard somewhere turned out to be one of theirs. That song was their 1965 Top 10 hit 'Psychotic Reaction', which the band were best known for. But it's this selection recently featured on the excellent Monolith Cocktail site that grabbed me by the ears. 'People Hear What I Say' features on 'Count Five - Rarities: The Double Shot Years', a compilation which collects the remaining tracks the band was working on around the time of the 'Psychotic Reaction' LP. The band enjoyed limited success for a short time, dropping off the radar when their only hit had fallen from public memory. Another setback to a potential career in the music business was the decision of the five members (who were all still between the ages of 17 and 19) to pursue college degrees. By 1969, they were no more. The group reunited only once, at a concert in 1987 in Santa Clara, California.

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