Saturday, 8 March 2014

Track Of The Day: East India Youth - 'Hinterland'

The debut album from East India Youth is without a doubt one of 2014's finest LPs so far, and won a very positive review on this site when it was released a couple of months ago. "Sounding like a man determined to make his work as unclassifiable as possible, Doyle fuses genres and influences effortlessly to create something that sounds very much like 2014 should. Clever, enjoyable, uncompromising and highly recommended."

I'm not the only one who loves this album either. As Ed Jupp at God Is in The TV remarked: "if this record is not a commercial success that makes a big impact on those best of the year lists in eleven month's time, then there is something seriously wrong..." And indeed the fact that this fantastic piece of work didn't make the Top 10 proves that the British public REALLY do need some education when it comes to their musical choices. One of the major highlights of the LP arrives in the shape of the superb ambient-meets-acid techno workout of 'Hinterland' which is constructed masterfully; progressing, building and peaking at all the right moments. Here is a live rendition of 'Hinterland' (which comes in about 4 minutes in) captured live at London's Rough Trade East back in January of this year, and below it (if you have Spotify) you can indulge in the incredible recorded version that features on the album. A lot of music critics have been making a fuss of East India Youth (aka William Doyle) for the past year or so, but RW/FF was supporting his music a while ago back when he was the frontman of brilliant indie combo Doyle And The Fourfathers...

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