Tuesday, 4 March 2014

REWIND: Can - 'Dizzy Dizzy'

Here's an amazing track from a Can album I've been listening to a lot lately, ever since the excellent Monolith Cocktail site ran a feature on the LP a while ago. Editor Dominic Valvona sums up 'Soon Over Babaluma': "Breathtaking in vision, the perfect emotional drama set in space takes some beating. Perhaps they should include this in any future first contact package shot into the universe; then again any alien life form may just think we’re showing off..." A pretty fine summary there! I hope to be contributing to the Monolith Cocktail myself very soon, in the meantime go HERE to browse through this top class musical kingdom. That article on 'Soon Over Babaluma' can be seen HERE. Kicking off the album,'Dizzy Dizzy' is exciting, freaky and rather unsettling with its darkly hypnotic violin parts. The somewhat ambient 'Soon Over Babaluma is the band's sixth studio album, recorded without a lead vocalist following the departure of Damo Suzuki in 1973. Instead, the vocals are taken care of by guitarist Michael Karoli and keyboardist Irmin Schmidt. It is also their last album that was created using a two-track recorder...

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