Friday, 6 September 2013

Track Of The Day: Six By Seven - 'Fall Into Your Arms'

As yesterday's lovely weather has turned to shit this morning, I continue to bring you the best tracks from summer 2013. "If you remember Nottingham’s late 90’s rock heroes Six By Seven (or officially six. by seven), chances are you won’t have heard anything from them in a long time. However they haven’t been out of action for as long as what many would think: their previous album was released in 2007, and two years ago in 2011, a drummer-less version of the band emerged as ‘The Death Of Six By Seven’. This project eventually led to the rebirth of the group, whose line-up now includes ex-Placebo man Steve Hewitt. ‘Love And Peace And Sympathy’ is a stellar way to return, and easily a contender for the rock album of the year. 

The grungy, menacing highlight ‘Fall Into Your Arms’ almost comes across like a cross between My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Only Hollow’ and Stiltskin’s ‘Inside’ but undoubtedly has its very own commanding strength, emerging slow and mighty. As an album closer, it perfectly sums up the mood of this phoenix from the flames-style resurrection: often brooding, sometimes graceful, at other times truly brutal..." Read my full album review HERE, and go to God Is In The TV for Fliss Collier's exclusive interview with frontman Chris Olley HERE...

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