Tuesday, 17 September 2013

REWIND: Menswear - 'Being Brave'

In my weekly RW/FF With Ben P Scott columns, I go back in time and relive my memories of the music that soundtracked my life, and for the last few months I have been recalling the music of 1995. 

Later this week (or possibly next week) I will be publishing my multi-part 'Best Of 1995' compilation on this site, where you will also be able to listen to the whole thing via Mixcloud. In the meantime here's one of Britpop's most well-loved bands, who over the years seem to have turned into something of a cult. Menswear formed in October 1994, and were based in Camden, the London area that many associate with the Britpop movement. They released six singles which all reached the UK Top 50, and an album 'Nuisance' that made number 11. They recorded a second album 'Hay Tiempo', which I have only just found out about recently and only just listened to a week or so ago. It also took me over a decade to get myself a copy of 'Nuisance', which I picked up last year on CD from Poundland. Better late than never. The band broke up in 1998. 

After playing for The Montrose Avenue (now there's a band I haven't heard about for years! I do vaguely remember them) drummer Matt Everitt joined the world of media as a news reporter at BBC 6Music. In June of this year frontman Johnny Dean made his return to the stage after 15 years, singing the songs of David Bowie and backed by The Nuis@nce Band. A new Menswear line up played their first show 16 August 2013, the group consisting of Johnny Dean and various members of The Nuisance Band. 'Nuisance' is also a regular Britpop-themed club night that takes place in London every so often. More details can be found on their Facebook page HERE.

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