Wednesday, 18 September 2013

REWIND: Lee Mitchell - 'You And You Alone'

I miss John Peel. I'm sure a lot of other people do as well. It's no coincidence that since his death 9 years ago, mainstream music has been become duller as a result of no interesting bands finding their way up from the underground. If Peel was here now, many of the fantastic bands we have today would have someone around to give them a boost. Well if we can't have Peel now, the next best thing is to listen to some Peel from the past because you're still going to hear things that you didn't know of before. So a website like The Perfumed Garden is great for those who want to relive the memories or have the chance to find out what they missed out on first time around. Billed as "an audio tribute to John Peel', there are a range of old Peel show available to download, with new additions going up regularly. Yesterday I listened to a show from 14 June 2000, from around the time that I would be tuning into the show often. Amongst other brilliantly diverse musical selections (and a great session from David Gedge's Cinerama) he dropped this lovely slice of southern soul from Lee Mitchell

Born on 12 July 1939 in North Carolina, Mitchell sang in local gospel groups before moving to to Boston in 1958 and doing the same. After he moved to California at the end of 1964 he decided to try his hand at secular recording and up until the 70's released a series of great soul records. More info about Mitchell can be found HERE at Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven.

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