Sunday, 17 February 2013

SONG FOR TODAY: Cymbient - Trailers And Gliders

ARTIST: Cymbient

SONG: Trailers And Gliders

ALBUM: I Saw Energy

YEAR: 2013

NOTES: 'I Saw Energy' is an upcoming LP by Cymbient, a project from Cardiff based musician Andy Fung, whose utterly bizarre paintings adorn the cover. His songs have a psychedelic thread running through them as well. It turns out that Fung was the frontman of Welsh band Dererro, who I remember from the late 90's.

The soft, dreamy songs here are growers rather than things that catch you on the first listen. The best and by far the most immediate track here has to be the beautiful 'Trailers And Gliders', which from the start sounds like it's a small part of a bigger puzzle. And that's exactly what it is, but it still sounds great standing on its own. Elsewhere there are shades of Grandaddy, Elliot Smith and Pink Floyd, but the style of the songwriting is a whole different thing altogether. On the first listen it's certainly not predictable, and there's no way of knowing where any of it will go next. Read my review and listen to the LP HERE.

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