Thursday, 26 May 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: King Adora - Suffocate

A few months ago a friend of mine joyfully announced on their Facebook page that King Adora had reformed, which came not only as a surprise but also made me realise how many of the hotly-tipped bands from ten years ago all mostly sank without a trace. King Adora were a glam-influenced indie-rock band who first appeared in 1999, and apparently named after an oversized sex toy (which possibly explains them calling their album 'Vibrate You'). After their debut album and a handful of singles I never heard from them again. It turns out they were dropped by their impatient record label and spent the next couple of years recording a follow up album. the album 'Who Do You Love' was released in 2004 but failed to chart. The following year the group split up. But last year in 2010 King Adora announced they had reformed, and played some comeback shows. It isn' known whether any new material is planned, but a documentary film on the band is due for release in July 2011.... So bearing just a slight resemblance to a certain Smashing Pumpkins song, here's the single 'Suffocate'....

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