Track Of The Day: Babybird - In Place Of Love

Taken from the new compilation 'Happy Stupid Nothing', the magnificent 'In Place Of Love' is a haunting, understated beauty offering the most enticing hooks. Another genuine Babybird classic, it's cold yet comforting.

Compiled and curated by indie label Psycho Mafia Recordings, 'Happy Stupid Nothing' is a collection of songs on a par with the very best Babybird records, and represents a new creative peak for this unique, restless and distinctive musician. Many of these songs slipped under the radar or became lost in the vast archive of music that Stephen Jones has published online. Here, they are proudly and deservedly on display.

The million-selling songwriter and cult hero Jones spent the first half of this decade reconnecting with his DIY roots, exploring new styles and approaches with various other projects, producing some intriguing albums, all self-recorded and self-released. Independence has allowed him to dig deeper creatively, taking more risks without having to worry about commercial expectations. These projects have breathed new life into Babybird, which was reborn once again in 2015 as a completely self-sufficient musical enterprise. 'Happy Stupid Nothing' collects together some of the best Babybird recordings from the last few years, and stands as a magnificent journey of an album in its own right. Putting infectious melodies next to black humour, atmospheric soundscapes, tender emotions and unexpected changes in direction, the 18 songs showcase the many different sides to this extraordinary musician and his group.

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