LISTEN: RW/FF Radio Specials - The Early Years #1

As well as the regular weekly fix of RW/FF Radio, last week (August 18) saw the debut of the brand new RW/FF Radio Specials. The first one was a sort of introduction to myself via the music I listened to in my early years during the 90s. You can listen to the regular edition of the show HERE.

The very first of the RW/FF Radio Specials is all about The Early Years of my life as a music fanatic. As well as hits of the early 90s from 
Depeche Mode, Suede, U2, Sub Sub and even Ace Of Base, other music I discovered as a kid includes The Beatles, Queen feat. David Bowie and Guns N Roses. You can read more about the musical memories of this period in this article HERE.

The next RW/FF Radio Special will be part 2 of The Early Years, on air tonight at 6pm followed by the new edition of RW/FF Radio, which will be live from 7pm till 8pm at this link HEREDance Class with Jason B follows at 8pm... More info on his show can be found HERE

For more info on RW/FF Radio, the RW/FF Specials and Melksham Town Sound, go HERE.


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