Monday, 1 August 2016

REWIND: Lush - 'Single Girl'

I've featured lots of tracks from 1996 lately to celebrate 20 years since their release, so I'm going to carry on... 

'Single Girl' was a UK hit single by Lush, taken from their third album 'Lovelife', a record which saw the indie band away from their earlier dream pop/shoegazing style and embracing a more Britpop-oriented sound. 'Single Girl' was a number 21 hit in Jsnuary 1996, and the album became the biggest seller of their career. After an exhausting American tour, the band played their last performance for nearly two decades. Tragedy struck when drummer Chris Acland committed suicide in October 1996 and Lush did not perform again, eventually making an official break up announcement in early 1998. 

Refreshed and rejuvenated with new drummer Justin Welsh (formerly of Elastica), the group reformed last year in 2015 and released a wonderful new EP entitled 'Blind Spot' a few months ago.