Friday, 11 April 2014

REWIND: The Prodigy - 'Voodoo People'

So this last week has been something of a nostalgia-fest. 20 years ago this week, Kurt Cobain committed suicide and as the clouds gathered over Seattle (and the entire grunge scene), there was a new dawn breaking over the skies of London. Yes, Britpop had arrived to change our lives forever. It's so sad that some critics are choosing to spend this week attempting to play down the era and its impact. Idiots. 

But we shouldn't forget that the mid 90s also brought us lots of amazing dance and electronica. In honour of that, here's a group of true pioneers with an incredible track from the 1994 album 'Music For The Jilted Generation'. 'Voodoo People' was The Prodigy's eighth single overall and the third single from the album. Released in September 1994, the vocal samples are taken from a track called 'The Shalimar' written and performed by Gylan Kain, one of proto-hip hop collective The Last Poets. The main riff in the song is apparently based on an element of Nirvana's 'Very Ape'.

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