Saturday, 2 November 2013

Track Of The Day: Weatherbird - 'Johnny Strange'

Something rather different to most of the music recently featured on the site, after all diversity is a healthy thing. Bands who make this kind of music have to do it very, very well for me to even listen to it twice, but the vast majority of them are a chore to listen to. 

Weatherbird sound like one of the good ones if this is anything to go by. Listing Nirvana, Pixies and R.E.M as influences, this Birmingham four piece are still in their teens, and have an admirable energy about them. In places similarly flavoured to the likes of Billy Talent and Against Me, it has a muscular sound and a chorus that goes off like a bomb. 

'Johnny Strange' is taken from their new EP 'Cut Me Loose', which came out earlier this week (28 October)

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