Friday, 22 November 2013

Track Of The Day: Spies - 'Mint And Lime'

This is definitely one of those where I prefer the B side to the A side. Technically this is a 3 track EP (even thought the CD I was sent only contained two songs) so all the songs are supposed to be A sides in theory, even if the lead track 'Distant Shorelines' also lends the release its name The urgent, dark rattle of the rhythm, low slung bass and epic guitars of 'Mint And Lime' take the listener on a more eventful and enjoyable journey than its lead track, almost like a post-punk Morrissey. “Dublin band Spies' searing indie-rock has an assured delivery that suggests an abundance of experience. The truth is the five-piece band are still in their early twenties and have sounded like seasoned professionals since their first releases: the 'Liars Call Me A King' debut EP in late 2010 and the subsequent 2011 single 'Barricade'..."

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