Monday, 11 November 2013

REWIND: Air - 'Remember'

Some of you readers may be familiar with my weekly radio show The BPS Broadcast. Every week I do a section called '1 To Z' where I am attempting to play as many of the artists featured in my record collection as possible, in alphabetical order. After featuring 3 Colours Red, 13th Floor Elevators, 808 State, A, AC/DC, AFI, Against Me, Aerosmith and others, it's time for a bit of the marvellous French duo Air

When I played this on the show a couple of weeks ago, I realised that the drum sound is just like that of 'Do It Again' by The Beach Boys... And although there was no sample credit inside the album notes, Wikipedia confirms that it is in fact a sample from that very song... 'Moon Safari' was the duo's first studio album, and was released on January 16th, 1998...

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