Tuesday, 15 October 2013

REWIND: Underworld - 'Jumbo'

A track from 1999, a year that I consider to be very under-appreciated in terms of music. Sure there was a lot of bollocks in the charts, but even the horrific likes of Steps and S Club 7 look talented compared to today's pop "stars". Back in the 90's, dance and electronic music was at its very, very best, and the mighty Underworld were one of my favourites.

Their 'Beaucoup Fish' album was one that I purchased whilst on holiday (in Weymouth I think) not long after it had been released. The fact that I got it on cassette must have meant that it was being sold at a bargain price for a limited period, and coming to think of it, it could have very well been the last cassette album I ever bought brand new. From it, here is a considerably less raucous site to Underworld... 'Jumbo' was the third singe to be lifted from the LP, and peaked on the UK Singles Chart at #21...

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