Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mansun to reform? No.

So over the last few weeks it has come to my attention that rumours of a Mansun reunion are once again being mentioned. The band scored a number one hit with their 1997 debut album and a year later followed it up with the classic 'Six'. 'Little Kix' followed in 2000 before the group disbanded in 2004, leaving behind an unfinished fourth album which was eventually released in 2008 as 'Kleptomania'. 

But in the years that have passed since the band's split, their music remains highly regarded amongst many people and their fanbase continues to call for their reunion. In recent years singer Paul Draper has apparently been working on solo material, none of which has seen the light of day and his only public performance was as a guest vocalist with The Joy Formidable, singing Mansun's late 90's anthem Wide Open Space. Around about three weeks ago The Guardian published their guide to 2012 in which the writer claimed the year would see new albums from Dodgy, Garbage and : Mansun? 

It didn't take long for fans to start asking questions. On the band's official Facebook page people were debating the issue, with the general opinion being that they probably weren't going to reform but wouldn't it be great if they did? But interestingly considering this discussion was taking place on their official Facebook page, there was no word of denial from any of the band. Neither was their any official denial on Paul Draper's website, as talk of the potential reunion spread to the site's forum. However the home page of Draper's site is now a completely black page with no links, and a section of the forum has been locked, with the promise that news will be forthcoming in the new year. However apart from the article in The Guardian, there don't seem to be any more sources of information regarding this rumoured reunion. 

But many believe there couldn't be a better time for Mansun to kick back into action, for sure the world of music has been a poorer place without them. If they do reunite or if they don't, be sure to have a listen through their back catalogue (including all those excellent b sides) and remind yourself of how great they were. And if you are yet to experience the magic of Mansun then educate yourselves now...

UPDATE: It seems that the potential Mansun reunion has been 'disconfirmed' by a source close to the band called 'Dark Mavis'.... "Unfortunately there isn't a Mansun reunion or album happening. If things ever do change, I will make sure it's posted here and on Paul's official Facebook group at

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