Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Track Of The Day: The Living End - 'Don't Lose It'

Here is the brand new single from hugely underrated Australian rock trio The Living End. It's almost criminal that such a fine band should still be so relatively unknown here in the UK. "The Living who?" I hear you ask. A lot of people would probably think they were a new band. They've actually been going for 24 years now, and their classic 1998 anthem 'Prisoner Of Society' was in fact the highest selling Australian single of the 1990s.

Now about to release their eighth studio LP, over the course of their career the group have gradually evolved from a psychobilly-infused punk band reminiscent of Green Day playing The Stray Cats into a bigger, more melodic alternative rock act that could rival the Foo Fighters. Rousing and riding a euphoric wave, 'Don't Lose It' bodes well for their forthcoming new album, due later this year...