Monday, 2 March 2015

REWIND: Oasis - 'Sad Song'

In celebration of Noel Gallagher releasing his new solo album 'Chasing Yesterday', all this week is Noel Gallagher Week on RW/FF. So the next seven days will feature seven of Noel's finest moments from the Oasis years. Considering this band changed my life, it's crazy that I have only just added 'Sad Song' to my record collection, but the fact that I never owned it before is due to the track only being available on the vinyl version of their still-astonishing debut album 'Definitely Maybe'. Last year the 1994 classic got a re-release as a triple CD set and a double vinyl including downloads of b-sides and bonus material. The latter was bought for me as a Christmas present a few months ago, and now I wonder how I ever managed to live without a beautiful vinyl copy of this classic LP. In order to preserve the loudness of 'Definitely Maybe', the band decided to press it onto two records on the vinyl edition, and found that there was space for another song. Hence, 'Sad Song' was recorded. The widely acclaimed album has sold over eight million copies worldwide and continues to win new fans over 20 years later...

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  1. Well chosen, a really beautiful and resigned song that will always remain unknown because of its status as a vinyl-only track; this designation is particularly fitting given the song's weary content and mood.