Sunday, 14 December 2014

Track Of The Day: Superfood - 'Right On Satellite'

There's so much great new music around, but because the mainstream media doesn't seem to promote or support most of it, a lot of stuff gets missed by even the most avid music enthusiasts like myself. So despite acclaim from the NME and lots of others, I was completely unaware of Birmingham combo Superfood until I heard them last week on Cam B's weekly Eclectic Hour radio show on my local station Melksham Town Sound. I picked up their debut album 'Don't Say That' yesterday while out Christmas shopping in Bath, and it's brilliant. Heavily evocative of the Britpop era, yet spiced with enough freshness and originality to make it perfectly relevant. I recommend them highly... From it (and featuring an intro that brings to mind Menswear) here is the superb 'Right On Satellite'.

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