Saturday, 20 December 2014

Track Of The Day: Stephen Jones - 'Hey It's Christmas'

Former Babybird man Stephen Jones is not only one of RW/FF's favorite artists, but also a very prolific musician. Having released no less than four albums over the last two months under various different guises, the latest 'Arthritis Kid' was released yesterday via his Bandcamp page and has been described by the Sheffield legend as "probably the best music Stephen Jones has ever written... This is the album I could shut up shop after and retire - it is so bang on close to what I intended." Decide for yourself and have a listen HERE.

Meanwhile, following a few previous festive-themed tracks, Jones has posted three new Christmas songs online, with the promise of a whole album to follow. The lovely 'Hey It's Christmas' has been given its own animated video courtesy of Twitter user @IamHappyToast, adding a visual charm to a sparkling tune.