Monday, 22 December 2014

REWIND: Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - 'Long Shadow'

Today (December 22) marks exactly 12 years since the untimely death of Clash legend Joe Strummer. Mega Strummer fan Nikki from the Everything And The Kitchen Sink podcast does two tribute shows to the great man every year, and the latest (which you can listen to HERE) takes a look at rare tracks and under-appreciated moments. So after listening to that tonight, I decided to pop Strummer's final LP 'Streetcore' into the CD player. The posthumous album was the third studio album by the punk icon and his band the Mescaleros. The album was completed after Joe's death by Martin Slattery and Scott Shields, and released on 21 October 2003 via Hellcat Records. Originally written by Joe for Johnny Cash, here is the superb 'Long Shadow'.

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